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Submit Your Sponsorship Materials

Please submit all sponsor related materials here or send them directly to Michael Gonzalez with BrainXchange.


For Sponsors with Speaking Roles

  • Photo/Headshot: Submit a high-resolution picture of yourself.
    Suitable file formats are .JPG and .PNG no larger than 1mb
    *All Speakers

  • Bio: Submit your speaker bio (150 words or less). This description will be provided to attendees on the website and other event materials.
    *All Speakers

  • Pre-Event Presentation Title and Description: Submit a title and short description for your talk as soon as possible. The information does not need to be final in terms of what attendees see onsite at the event in October and will act more as a temporary placeholder to give prospective audience members an idea of the focus of your talk.
    *Solo Case Study Speakers Only

  • Final Presentation Title and Description: Submit a final title and description for your talk that will be included in the onsite materials.
    *Solo Case Study Speakers Only

  • Presentation Slides: Submit your slides for onsite a week in advance of the conference. Presentation Specs – Submit in 16:9 format and title the file with your Name and Organization

  • Website Profile: In addition to displaying your headshot and bio, your website profile page is an interactive platform to provide visitors with information about you and your expertise within the space. Digital assets that can be included in your profile are YouTube videos, articles, social media feeds, and other forms of media.
    *All Speakers

Submit Your Speaker Materials

Please submit all speaker related materials here or send them directly to Brian Doney with BrainXchange.


Promotional Guide

  • To get the most out of your involvement, we have set up some creative assets to help you promote your exhibitor role and elevate your performance at this year’s event.

  • Click here to access the EWTS 2020 Promotional Guide, which includes: Social media and event promotion details, important event links, visual assets and branding guidelines.

Public Relations

  • EWTS 2020 will feature an onsite Media Center to address the needs of select registered press, industry analysts, and exhibitors’ PR teams. The Media Center is located in Terrace Salon Rooms 1 and 2.

  • If you plan on breaking any exciting news at EWTS, please contact Israel from BrainXchange. He will help elevate your announcements and answer any questions you may have. 

  • All press materials (press releases, videos, photos, logos) are due by Friday, October 2, 2020.

  • Important: If any of the materials are under embargo, please specify that on the document itself. Ideally your embargo should lift at 10am on 10/20 so EWTS can share the info with registered reporters who can then file stories as appropriate.

Submit Your Press Materials

Please submit all sponsor related materials here or send them directly to Israel Mejia.


Advertisement in the Onsite Workbook

  • Per the details of your signed agreement, you are permitted to submit a full-, half- or quarter-page advertisement for the official conference workbook distributed to every attendee at the event.

  • For all details, guidelines, requirements, and specifications related to the ad, please reference The EWTS 2020 Ad Specification Guide here.

Example Ads from Previous EWTS Sponsors and Exhibitors:

Submit Your Ad Materials

Please submit all workbook ads here or send directly to Michael Gonzalez.