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In the email notifying you of early platform access, follow the link to log in and create a personal password.

Digital Exhibition Profile Set-up

Importance of Your Digital Exhibition Profile

The value of conferences for many attendees lies in the opportunity to discover and learn more about the solutions available to their business. As EWTS is not in-person this year, it won’t be as easy as walking up to your booth and physically trying a product. Therefore, it’s essential that all sponsors and exhibitors build out their digital 'booths' as much as possible with information about the company and its products/services. Without this information, it will be harder for attendees to discover you. The better the quality of your digital booth (i.e. the more information it contains), the more productive the conference will be for you and others seeking solutions.

Here are some things to keep in mind with respect to your digital exhibition profile:

Setting Up Your Digital Exhibition Profile

Here is a step-by-step guide and video tutorial for setting up your digital booth in the online platform.

Setting Up Your Individual Staff Networking Profile

In addition to your company profile, every registered attendee from your company must set up an individual profile. These profiles contain information about that staff member and once again – in order to add back that in-person dynamism that can be lost online – it’s critical for all participants to build out their profiles as much as possible.

Here are some things to keep in mind with respect to your individual profile:

Here is a step-by-step guide for setting up your individual profile in the online platform.

How to Use the Platform

For an idea of how the online event platform works, please watch this short video and read this guide

Use the top navigation bar to access the different areas of the platform and view your notifications, messages, points and profile.

Navigation bar example:

Home Lobby

Your digital event experience starts here. Post, share, comment and like content in the shared community activity Feed (center). To create a post, just start typing in the ‘Add New’ section near the top of the page. Tag posts, upload photos, and more. In the sidebars, you can watch the live presentation stream, talk in the Public Chat, and browse Sponsors and Speakers (right) as well as view upcoming sessions and join Discussion Forums (left).

Presentation Theater

Like the main stage at an in-person event, this is where you’ll go to watch presentations. From here, you can view the Agenda, browse speakers, and access on-demand content. Create your own agenda by clicking '+ My Agenda' on a session; access again by clicking on the profile icon at top right and selecting 'My Agenda' from the dropdown menu.

Presentation Mode

Click into a session to enter Presentation Mode. View presentation information and speakers and ask questions for the live Q&A portion of the talk in the box next to the livestream.

Exhibitor Zone

The place to find products for your business. Live Expo hours are from 2:00 to 4:00 pm PT every day. Browse through all 2020 sponsors and exhibitors or use the filters on the left to search for specific solutions.


Learn more about an exhibitor by clicking into their ‘booth,’ where you can watch videos, download content, and even securely purchase products--all from the sub-navigation bar. Each exhibitor has their own activity feed, chat and video conference room.

Exhibitors can schedule live demos and other meetings, which you'll find under the Meetings tab. You can choose a location for each meeting; this will most likely be your company profile and the 'Join Video Call' button unless you are direct calling someone.


A dedicated area for meeting people. Be intelligently matched with like minded professionals, advance search all platform users to find relevant connections, participate in lively, topic-based Discussion Forums, see details for Games & Contests, and virtually meet and greet others (VR headset optional!) Click into any of the networking tools to learn more.


Click into matchmaking from the Networking Lounge to be automatically connected with
other attendees who share similar business goals, opportunities, and challenges.


Access the Discussion Forums from the Networking Lounge and in the left sidebar of the Home Lobby and Presentation Theater. These public conversation threads around the major application areas for XR and wearables are open to all at any time or you can participate during scheduled networking time for more guided group discussion. The different forums are:

See who’s in attendance and and learn more about individual attendees. Search for relevant connections using the filters at the left. A green dot at the bottom of a user's profile icon will indicate if that user is currently online.


Make it to the top of the Leaderboard to win! The platform is gamified. Earn points by posting, commenting, making a match, etc. View the Leaderboard and take quizzes in the Networking Lounge. Check your points by clicking on the currency icon at the top of the platform.


Having technical issues or need help making the right connections? Visit the Resources/Help Center for platform tutorials, live technical support, and to chat with EWTS staff.

Other Features & How-to's

Chat and Messages


An ongoing open dialogue for informal conversations and quick messages, the Public Chat can be found in the right sidebar of the Home Lobby, Presentation Theater, and Networking Lounge. You can type into the Public Chat from any of these areas, react to comments with emojis, and even record and post short audio and video messages.


Every exhibitor booth has its own chat for group discussions and interaction.

You can also access this conversation in your Direct Messages.


You can send a direct message to any user by finding that person in Search People under the Networking Lounge, clicking on his or her profile and sending a direct message (DM). You can also DM an exhibitor company.

Access your messages and send new ones by clicking the Messenger icon at the top right of the platform. Invite more than one person to a conversation, start a group video chat, record and send short audio and video messages, and more! 

Profile Features


The Digital Briefcase is a convenient place to store files, images, and other content you’ve found throughout the platform. Most exhibitor resources like white papers and event resources like the attendee workbook can be saved to your Digital Briefcase.

Save content for later in your Digital Briefcase by clicking ‘Add to Briefcase’ on any piece of content. To access, click your profile icon (top right) and select ‘My Digital Briefcase’ from the drop-down menu.


Use the Activity tab to see what other attendees are up to on the platform. See which posts and discussions others are sharing and contributing to. You can also keep track of your own activity to, say, find a recent conversation of yours.

To see a user's profile activity, simply visit their profile page and click the Activity tab. You can view your own activity by doing the same from your own profile page.


Click on your profile icon to open a dropdown menu from which you can view your profile, personal agenda, Digital Briefcase, shopping cart, meetings, and connections.

Presentation Theater Features


You can access the Agenda from the Presentation Theater by clicking Agenda from the menu or the Agenda tab within the theater.

Click into individual sessions for more details, add sessions to your personal calendar to be reminded about them later, and access any sessions you missed on-demand.

To view a list of on-demand sessions only, click the On-demand tab within the Presentation Theater.


To view a list of all presenters, click the Speakers tab within the Presentation Theater. From here, you can search, filter, and access all presenters' profiles.