Pre-Event Preparation Call

Sponsors and exhibitors are required to have at least one prep call with Sponsorship/Exhibition Lead Michael Gonzalez before the event to answer any questions re exhibiting online, generating leads, etc. Mike will provide an in-depth platform demo to show you how to get the most out of the online event.


Technical Requirements & Troubleshooting


Live Exhibition Hours

The digital expo will be live on each of the 4 main conference days (Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27) from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm (11:40 am - 12:40 pm on October 27)

Live Event Support

Get assistance during event hours (October 6-27, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm PDT) by visiting the Resources/Help Center in the Event Menu and live chatting with a member of the BrainXchange staff.

You can also direct message a staff member via the platform. Start a new chat in the Messenger or use the Search People tool in the Networking Lounge to find one of us. (Staff profiles are designated by a small red X)

Alternatively, you can always reach Michael Gonzalez at


All sponsor/exhibitor staff members will receive an email in advance of the conference with a link to access EWTS 2021 online. Follow that link to login and participate in the conference proceedings.

Check back for further directions closer to the event.

In general, you will spend your time during EWTS 2021:

Tips for Maximizing your Participation

To help you have the best possible sponsorship/exhibition experience, we’ve come up with a list of suggestions for before, during and after the event:

Promote your presence beforehand: Don't simply show up on October 6. Ensure people know where to find you! Spread the news about your exhibiting role on social media to inform EWTS ticket holders that yours is one of the companies they'll get to meet and attract relevant, high-quality leads.

Prepare your booth content offerings in advance: Your digital profile is designed to educate and inform, allowing you to not only engage face-to-face with attendees but also provide a range of content collateral to let them know about your products and services. Don't wait until the platform opens to choose what content you will upload to your company profile. Plan what files, videos and products you will showcase ahead of time.

Connect with attendees vs. waiting for prospects to find you: Attendees will have access to the platform starting Friday, October 1. From this point, you should be researching and connecting with attendees. Visit an attendee's profile to learn about their company, role, challenges and goals before reaching out, and set up one-on-one meetings in between main conference days with relevant individuals.

Have a motivated and outgoing team online: Don't let your people sit back and take a "buyers will come to us" approach. Encourage them to be active on the platform, to attend sessions, comment on posts, and get themselves (and your company) "out there."

Attend the sessions: Have knowledgeable staff members who can contribute insight and/or want to further their education around the conference topics. Ask questions and comment during presentations to increase your visibility and establish your expertise. Just like at an in-person event, what you say during a session will drive traffic to your booth.

Participate in all event activities – Take advantage of the various networking tools as well as the unique timeline of this year's event. In addition to the 4 main conference days, EWTS 2021 offers nearly a month of content drops and activities, providing the best of both worlds: Online conference and persistent online community. Check in on alt-days to see who is online, switch up your content offerings, contribute to a discussion forum, plan a special demo for an individual attendee, etc. Every tool and activity represents an opportunity for you to learn, make your presence known and connect with prospective customers.

Offer swag or host a contest – Potential prizes are big traffic drivers online. Host activities like a contest or giveaway during live expo hours, requiring attendees to visit your company profile to participate. Use the platform communication channels to inform people of the giveaway and how to win.

Don't spam the public communication channels – This is a big turn-off for attendees and dilutes the discussion. Get noticed by sharing useful information, making insightful comments, and connecting directly with those you want to meet. By all means reply to and like content in these channels but don’t blast about your company/booth.

Nurture leads soon after the event – Call or send a follow-up email to your leads soon after you e-meet. Personalization is key in these communications, which should be a natural continuation of the conversations you had during the event. Be sure to reference specific challenges a lead reported facing or questions they asked in regard to your offerings. In other words, make your prospects feel remembered and valued. Begin a conversation with “I remember what you said about X and looked further into how you might solve it” or “I found your point about Y really interesting and have since found out” to show you listened to what your leads had to say and did your homework following the show. This will set you apart from the competition.