Platform Access

Technical Requirements & Troubleshooting

Login & Company Profile Setup

Booth staff will have access to two profiles during the event: A personal profile and the company profile, which is shared among all booth staff members. The first thing you’ll do is set up your personal profile. (For more information on using the platform as an individual attendee, see the Attendee Portal here.)

Next, you'll set up your company profile. Click on the profile icon at top right (now displaying your profile picture) and select your company name and logo at the bottom of the dropdown menu. This is how you’ll toggle between your individual attendee profile and the company profile or ‘booth.’

Once you've switched to your company profile, click the profile icon at top right (now displaying your company logo) and select ‘My Profile’ from the dropdown menu. Click on the 3 vertical dots (see image below) and select 'Edit Profile.'

View detailed instructions for setting up your company profile here.

Importance of Your Digital Booth on the Online Platform

For many, the value of conferences lies in the opportunity to discover and learn more about the products and services available to their business. At an in-person event, this can be as easy as walking up to a booth, but online is a different story. As this year’s EWTS is digital for everyone’s safety and convenience, it’s critical all sponsors and exhibitors build out their company profiles with as much information as possible. The better the quality of your booth, the more productive the conference will be for you and attendees looking for solutions like yours.


Leveraging The Platform as a Sponsor

You have the ability to offer a variety of content on your company profile. Plan what videos, files and products you’ll showcase ahead of time, especially if you need to create new materials. Think about what content will be valuable to attendees and what they'll want to add to their Digital Briefcases. What will grab their attention while also educating about your solutions? Consider offering swag or hosting a contest or giveaway.

To learn how the online event platform works, watch this short video and/or read this guide.

Schedule a Live Meeting

Use the 'Meetings' tab of your company profile to create a new meeting. You can use an external video conference line as the meeting location, though we recommend using the 'Join Live Demo' button for everyone's convenience and security. You can make a meeting visible only to individual clients and prospects, or make it public for anyone to join.

Learn more about scheduling meetings here and in the video above.

Start a Live Demo

At anytime or at a scheduled meeting time, you can use the video meeting space built into your company profile to host a live demo or other meeting type. When ready, click 'Start Live Demo' (circled below). Note that you must be acting as yourself (not the company) to press this button. Visitors to your profile will be able to join the video meeting.

Exhibitor Activity Feed

Each booth has its own activity feed which can act as a public message board for you to post updates and pin important messages. Post images, share links, and more to attract and engage booth visitors.

Content Collateral

Exhibitors can provide a variety of downloadable content (files and videos) to educate attendees about their services and solutions. Visitors can add these to their Digital Briefcases to consume later.

Find the Perfect Leads With Advanced Search

Use the ‘Search People’ tool in the Networking Lounge. Select filters at left to narrow down your search or search by ‘Online Only’ to see who’s currently active on the platform.

The platform also features online presence detection: Users with a green dot in the corner of their profile picture have either logged on in the past 5 minutes or are currently using the platform.

Attend Sessions

Attend the sessions and ask questions during presentations that are relevant to your solution. Do not blast about your company but instead ask thoughtful questions and provide your own insight (by responding to a viewer’s question) to get noticed.

Exchange Info & Direct Messaging

Connect with and message anyone you want to meet. You do not have to be connected with an attendee to message them. You can also type a user’s name into the Messenger to start a conversation. We strongly recommend crafting your initial message based upon the detailed information that can be found in an attendee's profile. To exchange contact information, look for the green 'Exchange Info' button.

Leveraging the Home Lobby and Networking Lounge

Reply to and like attendees’ content in the Activity Feed to stay top of mind. Use the public communication channels across the platform, including the Public Chat and Discussion Forums, to establish your thought leadership and provide valuable advice as opposed to being overtly sales-y.

Measuring Success - Leads & Analytics

Check your 'Leads & Analytics' (left-hand My Company Menu) for warm leads stopping by your booth and downloading your content. From here you can see page views, downloads of your content, and also export contacts with whom you've connected.

More Features

Troubleshooting & Resources/Help Center

Having technical issues or need help making the right connections? Visit the Resources/Help Center for platform tutorials, tech support, and to chat with EWTS staff.