David Goldsby

Technology Innovation Manager

National Grid Gas Distribution

David Goldsby is the technology innovation manager for National Grid, a global gas and electricity transmission and distribution asset management owner and operator. National Grid owns and manages the network that connect people to the energy they need. David established a new team called ‘ngLabs’ in September 15 to answer a key challenge, how does a large scale utility company adopt and influence the latest technologies and vendors without disengaging end users? ngLabs provide’s an outlet for National Grid’s business ambitions and requirements to innovate with new technology. The team is responsible for idea creation, experimentation, and to productionize. David has over 13 years of experience in the utility business across various roles from core business to support functions like Shared Services and IS. In his previous post, David managed the business relationship for the gas transmission for IS strategy, investment and services. He is a big believer in the power of BRM and leveraging relationships for real change. David is passionate about the use of new emerging technologies in an enterprise IT landscape where his new team actively take the technology to the end user and stimulate the ideas at source.