(Case Study) The Importance of Scalable AR/VR Enterprise Solutions for Workforce Training and Productivity

September 17, 2019

Lenovo’s Director of Commercial AR/VR, Michael Leone, will discuss the importance of creating scalable solutions within the industrial workforce that improve training and improve ongoing worker productivity. Lenovo will showcase multiple ways the company is using its own ThinkReality software and hardware solutions within its manufacturing and warehouse environments to test and optimize for AR and VR, along with key vertical use cases expected to transform workforce training and productivity. Leone will cover additional key considerations for enterprises including:

  • Building, managing and deploying solutions in an agnostic hardware device environment for both augmented reality and virtual reality
  • How long term IOT and 5G strategies should be considered within enterprise AR/VR deployments
  • Public Cloud, Private Cloud and On-Premise Considerations in AR and VR Enterprise Deployments