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A socially-inspired, learning-oriented, end-to-end virtual events platform that brings people together and keeps them engaged.

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Smart Tools that Drive Innovative Online Experiences

Streaming, Recording, & Broadcasting

Present live broadcasts with multiple video streams to any sized audience anywhere in the world. Play pre-recorded sessions on-demand, synchronize to run in real time, and conduct live Q&A.


Provide your speakers with a cutting-edge yet easy-to-manage live presentation experience that will enhance both their performance and the audience’s experience of it.


Represent any event agenda, from the most complex to the simplest, and let your audience curate their own program with the personal agenda builder.

Upload supplemental materials such as speaker bios, images, videos, slides, and handouts to any and every session.

Digital Briefcase

Give users an easy way to save content such as documents, videos and presentation slides for later download and viewing.

On-demand Playback

Allow users to watch video sessions at any time and expand your content reach beyond the event timeline with a built-in VOD library.


Enable users to easily look up, filter through and find exactly who and what they need in seconds with advanced search.


Get users involved by giving them the opportunity to interact with presenters in real time and make it a two-way conversation. Q&A 'lives on' with the presentation so on-demand viewers can comment and post questions even after the live playback.


Collect real-time insight from users with live polling or surveys and use the results to spark further conversation.

Activity Feed

Give users their own social community feed with the ability to post, share and comment as well as add recorded videos, files, emojis, audio, and more.

Public Chat

Create an open dialogue through a persistent conversation thread designed for quick, informal messages.

Discussion Forums

Let users engage in more focused conversation threads and help facilitate guided discussions for those with common interests.


Set goals and award points, badges, and prizes to encourage viewing of sessions, participation in Q&A, answering polls, commenting, visiting exhibitors, connecting with others, and more.

News Ticker

Deliver important information to users in an unobtrusive way. Users can click on any message in the News Ticker to bring up further information.


Use Push Notifications to engage users, alerting them of activities and driving traffic to particular areas of the platform.

Breakout Sessions

Run live, interactive video breakouts for a more intimate learning and networking experience. Assign breakout leaders or hosts, allow users to virtually raise their hands and screen share, and engage them with live polling, leveraging the results to drive conversation.

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Chat Messaging

Allow users to communicate and make real, human connections through text, recorded audio/video messages and video chat, either private (1:1) or group (1:Many) directly in the platform. Multiple chat modes and channels means users of all personalities can comfortably communicate.

User Profiles

Let users create in-depth networking profiles telling others about themselves and making it easy to find the right connections.

Profile Matchmaking

Allow the algorithm-powered Matchmaking feature to pair users with likeminded professionals based upon desired knowledge, mutual goals, and other relevant information.

Profile Bookmarking

Enable users to bookmark people and companies to check out or visit later.

Audience Search

Provide users with a searchable directory of your audience members so they can quickly find relevant people and companies. Search by job title, 'Online only' and more.

Contact Info Exchange

Give users the ability to request and instantly exchange contact information to facilitate future offline communications.

Meeting Scheduling

Allow users to control their networking experience by scheduling, requesting and managing their meetings before, during and after the event.

Meet Virtually

Offer users the chance to meet 'face-to-face' or 'avatar-to-avatar' with new connections in a virtual environment, headset optional.

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Exhibitor Activity Feed

Each booth has its own activity feed which can act as a public message board where exhibitors can post updates and pin important messages for booth visitors.

Exhibitor Chat

Each booth has its own public chat channel by which visitors can communicate directly with exhibitors.


A robust scheduling system by which exhibitors can create both private and public, video or just audio meetings with attendees (1:1 or group) directly within the platform.

Live Video Conference Room

Each booth has its own open video conference room for exhibitors to host live product demonstrations and other meetings. Features include screen sharing, conversation recording, hand raising, and more.

Intelligent Linking

Exhibitors can drop direct links to visit their booth or another area of the virtual event in any of the public communication channels, as each company profile, session, post, etc. has its own unique URL.

Rich Profiles

Exhibitors are able to provide a range of key information to help visitors quickly understand who they are, what they offer and how they might help, including logo and cover image, company description, tagline, website and social links, team members with online/offline indicator, contact information, smart tags, and more.

Content Collateral

Exhibitors can provide a variety of downloadable content offerings (files and videos) to educate attendees about their company and products/solutions/services. Visitors can add these to their Digital Briefcases to consume later.

Product Display - Digital Storefront

The platform is e-commerce-enabled, which means exhibitors can build their own online stores to showcase products, services and special offers. Visitors can make secure purchases directly from the platform, adding products to their Shopping Carts.


Help your sponsors build brand visibility with a variety of marketing opportunities across the platform, including rotating banner and sidebar ads, pop-ups, footers, room naming, prizes and more. Offer sponsorships with pre-populated content in all attendees’ Digital Briefcases, pinned messages in the public activity feed, and more.

Leads & Analytics

Provide exhibitors with smart lead capture and management tools to know who is visiting their booth and checking out their materials. Dashboard includes: Connections/leads (with ability to export to CSV), downloads, and page views.

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All-in-One, End-to-End Solution

No downloads required; no (paid) integrations necessary; no extra software installation! ConnectworX offers an all-in-one platform for inviting users, scheduling events and meetings, recording, broadcasting and streaming presentations, facilitating collaborative discussions and more, all from one centralized hub.

Fully Integrated Broadcasting & Streaming Capabilities

ConnectworX covers all broadcasting and conferencing needs:
· Live, simulive, hybrid, virtual or on-demand  
· Multiple streams, multi-presenter, panels, or fully collaborative roundtables and workshops


ConnectworX is developed with HTML5, providing an optimized and seamless viewing experiences on any device (desktop, mobile, tablet) from either the Web or mobile app.


ConnectworX is hosted in the cloud, allowing organizers to accommodate audiences of any size without the risk of platform issues or technical difficulties bringing your event to a sudden halt.


No matter where in the world you livestream your virtual event, ConnectworX ensure your data is secured to the highest standard.


Build and manage all aspects of your online environment with a full suite of admin tools. Change the name of a tab, remove a feature, add a session, control exhibitor content levels, insert banner ads, and more -- all in a simple and comprehensive dashboard/studio.


Fully customizable and easily configurable, ConnectworX was built knowing every event is unique. Customize the platform to fit your requirements, from branding, colors, backgrounds, and logos to virtual spaces and features.


Measure the impact of your virtual conference with ConnectworX. Learn about your audience through detailed reports, identify participation trends, and know what to improve for next time.


ConnectworX includes a support team to not only explain the features but also demonstrate how they work. Our expert events team will be there with you to support you every step of the way and guarantee your online conference is a success.

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Smart Tools that Drive Innovative Online Experiences

Interactive Learning & Content

Deliver superior professional content with one-of-a-kind engagement tools that are designed to enhance learning, sharing, and collaboration with features like:

Intelligent Networking

Provide a smarter way for your users to connect with next-level networking tools designed to drive face-to-face interactions and meaningful relationship building.

Engaging Exhibitions

Build a lead-nurturing environment with cutting-edge business development tools designed to give your vendors optimal prospect engagement

Organizer Tools

Event Management Software for people who like to work smarter -- ConnectworX merges every important feature needed to create, manage, and run successful online conferences and communities.

The ConnectworX Difference

A platform built by conference organizers for conference organizers

We’ve been in your shoes (we organize our own B2B conferences) and, as a result, we understand your needs. We built ConnectworX to transition our own events from in-person to digital.

Merging all the features you need to set up, manage and run a successful virtual event, ConnectworX is the answer to the challenges of the first wave of virtual events as well as tomorrow's hybrid events. From engagement to integration, sponsor value and rich analytics, ConnectworX has you covered.

Our passion for technology and events expertise combined to produce a comprehensive platform adaptable to the goals of your event. Drive more impactful online experiences with ConnectworX.

Create Conferences & Communities That Matter

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“Our team really valued ConnectworX's ability to create an engaging online event for both attendees and vendors. I would recommend it in a heartbeat for anyone hosting a virtual conference.”- Founder, Circuit Stream (Sponsor)

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“The platform was awesome and great interaction. It was so easy to navigate and understand. The platform kept me engaged the entire duration of the conference. You guys have set the standard for both in person and virtual conference for sure!!”- Safety & Ergonomic Analyst, Toyota (Attendee)

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"The interface was very intuitive, and I liked how the current topic video was always playing in the background. Very easy to tie in or cut out at my leisure."
- Exercise Systems Engineer, NASA (Attendee)

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“I wanted to congratulate the BrainXchange team for the great online platform you created for EWTS everywhere. It’s the best I have seen so far. Well done!”

- Director Marketing & Communications, AMA (Sponsor)

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“During a time when online conference platforms are struggling to meet increased demands, ConnectworX stands out as the new standard. Congratulations on a terrific platform that was intuitive, organized and helpful!”- VR/AR Product Lead at WestRock Company (Presenter)

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"I was privileged to speak at several virtual conferences in 2020 and I can say that ConnectworX at EWTS was easily the most intuitive platform for an online conference. Whether I was navigating as a speak or an attendee, the overall user experience was superior to any other I used.."
- CEO, Emergent Enterprise (Presenter)

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"The options available for presenters in ConnectworX were both feature rich and easy to use. The interface is well designed and made it simple to see what was happening when, join sessions and view and participate."
- Global Head of Talent & Learning Technology, Aggreko (Presenter)