Conferences & Content for the
Enterprise XR Metaverse


BrainXchange is a world-class conference organizer and digital content company in the emerging enterprise technology space, with a focus on AR/VR/MR (XR) and Metaverse technologies augmenting the workforce. Since 2015, BrainXchange has been helping companies connect to the people and partners they need to transform operations and empower today's workforce.


BrainXchange was launched in 2015 by event organizers with 30+ years of combined experience and the shared desire to profoundly change the way people encounter one another at conferences.  


After establishing the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS) in 2015 and building it into the leading event for enterprise use of AR/VR/MR (XR), BrainXchange became involved in AWE, a long-running XR trade show. From 2018-2020, BrainXchange helped produce AWE USA and AWE Europe, growing each in terms of audience quality, attendance numbers, programming, social media reach, and technology partners.

In 2022, EWTS rebranded as the Augmented Enterprise Summit (Augmented Enterprise). To this day, the event remains the only conference and expo fully dedicated to the use of XR and related metaverse technologies at work. Sitting at the nexus of the industrial metaverse and the immersive future of work, Augmented Enterprise plays a critical role in augmenting the workforce of today and tomorrow through emerging tech.


We've dedicated years to studying the art and science of conferences to determine the best methods for bringing people together and inspiring them to do business. Our events focus on interactive learning and participation-driven presentation formats along with intelligent networking opportunities making it easy to connect with the right people.


ConnectworX is a socially-inspired, learning-oriented, end-to-end virtual events platform. Highly customizable, responsive, scalable and secure, ConnectworX is the best way to bring conferences, communities and companies together online and keep them engaged. With fully integrated live streaming, content management and video calling, quality engagement features, digital-first networking tools, and innovative monetization options, ConnectworX represents the next generation of online engagement.


BrainXchange is the leading provider of digital content marketing solutions for the enterprise XR community, from original white papers to webinars and more. Enterprises regard BrainXchange as a trusted source of knowledge, advice and referrals for solving their business problems. Thus, for a solution provider in the enterprise XR ecosystem, partnering with BrainXchange to develop and distribute digital content is the best opportunity to position your company as a major player in the space and generate unique, high quality leads with real purchase intent.