(Group Discussion) Enterprise Apps: Design, Develop, Secure

September 18, 2019

While there are many continually improving hardware platforms, AR/VR and wearable application development poses significant obstacles to further advancement of the technology. In this session, enterprise experts examine the state of available software/content solutions and the challenges of developing industry-ready applications.

- Features/capabilities of enterprise-ready software applications

- Considerations and challenges for building enterprise AR/VR and wearable apps:

  • Understanding the UX/UI requirements in an industrial setting
  • Field of view (FOV): Screen real estate, display and other hardware limitations
  • Battery, memory and computing power limitations
  • Lack of standardization
  • Security and integration with existing networks and systems

- Content creation: Translating ERMs, PDFs, 2D diagrams, manuals, machine data, etc. into digital, wearable-ready formats

  • The CAD advantage and the need for easy 3D content