A Virtual Reality Video Game for the Utilities Industry?

Written BY

Emily Friedman

July 26, 2021

You better believe it! And that's not all: VR simulations for an active shooter emergency situation, learning how to purge and walk down a gas pipeline, and more--all coming out of the XRLab at Duke Energy. Hear from the very people who 'solicited' VR projects from the XRLab along with the developers behind them and the ones using VR in the field. See demos of a wide range of VR experiences made even more valuable by the pandemic in this EWTS 2020 case study by IT Architect and Cybersecurity specialist John McGuire of Duke Energy.

Catch up on all the AR/VR developments at Duke Energy from the past year at EWTS 2021, where John will once again grace the virtual stage. Learn more here.

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