Beyond the Tape: How One Manufacturer is Creating a Skilled Workforce with Augmented Reality

Written BY

Emily Friedman

May 23, 2022

You’ve probably never heard of Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) and yet – if you’re a frequent online shopper – you most likely interact with their products regularly whenever you receive a package from Amazon or Walmart. 


IPG is a leading, global packaging and protective solutions company that manufactures and supplies everything from industrial tapes to bubble wrap. Recognizing that many of the company’s pain points like safety, the exit of its senior workforce, and a shortage of skilled labor were related to training and recruitment, IPG’s Ronn Englehart turned to Augmented Reality (AR)


As Ronn explains in a recent webinar, AR is doing a lot for IPG’s workforce challenges, including:

Helping to standardize, document, and validate work procedures
Capturing and scaling expert knowledge for work instructions and training material
Upskilling internal resources (operators on the plant floor) to join the skilled workforce
Attracting and onboarding new talent, and
Closing the skills gap


Watch the webinar now to hear about IPG’s AR implementation plan, from aligning stakeholders and securing devices to measuring both quantitative and qualitative ROI; and the impact of augmented reality on safety, compliance, maintenance, recruitment, and more. 

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