Addressing the Skills Gap and Improving Safety with Augmented Reality

Heads-up and Hands-free: Why Enterprise Augmented Reality Doesn't Have to be Complicated

Written BY

Emily Friedman

July 14, 2021

Augmented Reality doesn’t have to be complicated. There’s a ‘subset’ of AR called Assisted Reality and ways to augment workers’ capabilities in a heads-up, hands-free form factor without overlays requiring specialized development skills. AR can be as simple as a scanner built into a pair of glasses and voice commands and still be utterly transformational, improving the employee experience and increasing organizational efficiency. Case in point: This unique case study presented by Bayer’s Carrie Roy and Michael Calvillo at EWTS 2020. Watch the video to hear how Carrie and Michael internally pitched, conducted a zero-budget POC, and found a vendor for their speech-to-text (STT) smart glasses data collection use case. For more, read our interview with Carrie and Michael here.

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