How Google Glass Improved HP’s Graphics Solutions Business

Written BY

Emily Friedman

July 9, 2015

W've been exploring some of the fascinating ways in which HP is revolutionizing their business through the use of wearable technology. The applications for using wearable tech like Google Glass in a variety of enterprise environments have been relatively well-documented in the media; but less covered are the real-life benefits of using smart glasses and the like to an organization and its day-to-day operationsSure, the idea behind heads-up and hands-free technology makes perfect sense for theory; but can wearable tech actually improve workplace productivity and the overall efficiency of organizations as promised?

HP’s Graphics Solutions Business team is "living proof" that wearable technology can indeed make your business better and more effective. In the video below, HP’s John McMahon describes how the Graphics Solutions Team employed Google Glass to maximize the up-time of its customers' printing solutions and create a whole new (and improved) customer service experience.Use cases like the one described in HP’s video clearly indicate the incredible, trans-formative potential of wearable technology in the enterprise.

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