Major Players in Enterprise Wearables: Ubimax

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Emily Friedman

October 28, 2015

Today, we will hear from Ubimax. We sent over some questions to Ubimax. Check out their answers below!

BrainXchange (Q): Can you provide us with some background on Ubimax? What kind of company is Ubimax and what products, services, or expertise does Ubimax offer?

Ubimax (A): Ubimax is a leading Wearable Computing and Augmented Reality solution provider. We supply enterprises with fully integrated solutions along the industrial value chain, ranging from logistics and productions to maintenance and field service. Currently we offer a suite of four ready-to-deploy products: xPick, xMake, xInspect, and xAssist.

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of Wearable Computing and Augmented Reality technology. Our CEO and co-founder, Dr. Hendrik Witt, who spoke at last week’s EWTS ’15, is really a Wearable Computing pioneer with more than 15 years of experiences with smart glasses, sensors and other wearable tech. He is a former PhD. student of Prof. Thad E. Starner, one of the leading experts in the world and founders of the wearable computing paradigm back at his time at MIT.

BrainXchange: What is Ubimax doing with wearable technology? How is Ubimax contributing to bringing wearables into the enterprise?

Ubimax: Ubimax is all about wearable technology – it’s basically our DNA.
We offer organizations technology workshops, R&D support as well as general consulting services. The core of our company is about software, though.

From implementation of production pilots and roll-outs to service and maintenance, we offer a wide portfolio along the wearable computing value chain to our customers. Next to the different smart glasses and other wearables, we’re delivering our main business in the development of wearable computing solutions. We’re offering a set of standardized solutions ready to be deployed in enterprises along the value chain. Further, we’re customizing our existing solutions for the specific requests of our customers. Due to our longtime experience and unique expertise in wearable computing technology we’re also attending numerous trade fairs and conferences around the world as key speakers or experts.

BrainXchange: What specific products or services does Ubimax offer in connection with the enterprise wearables market? Which enterprise needs does Ubimax’s offerings meet or address? In which industries in particular is Ubimax most active?

Ubimax: One of our most popular products is xPick. xPick is an awarded and proven Pick-by-Vision solution which ensures the worker a hands-free order picking. xPick is frequently requested and already in productive operations in several companies such as DHL, Daimler, and Volkswagen. xPick customers typically benefit on three levels: Higher speed, fewer errors and greater flexibility. With our other products we cover further elements of the business value chain: “xMake” for worker guidance within assembly or quality assurance, “xInspect” for inspection procedures, and “xAssist” for remote service processes.

BrainXchange: How does Ubimax interact or partner with the other players in the enterprise wearables “solution stack” – hardware manufacturers, software and app developers, network providers, end users, etc. – to provide complete solutions to enterprises?

Ubimax: Ubimax is open to partners. We do have quite a significant number of strategic partnerships in place – many in the wearable space but also beyond. We work with all major smart glasses vendors, helping making their devices better for enterprise and consumer use. Collaborations with leading research institutes and universities around the world help us to go beyond the limits of current technology. For our core business we also work with a number of large system integrators and enterprise software vendors such as SAP.

BrainXchange: What do you see as Ubimax’s role in the enterprise wearables space in the future?

Ubimax: Ubimax is already a major player in the enterprise wearables space. With our long-term experience, pioneering spirit as well as joined successes with our customers, we are pushing wearable computing technology to the next level. There are even more cool things to come which we’ll release soon. And, of course, real see-through augmented reality will play a significant role for us in the future…

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