The Underdog of Wearables: Below the Neck Devices

Written BY

Emily Friedman

June 29, 2021

Augmented and virtual reality get a lot of headlines. This is understandable: After all, where would many companies be if not for AR-enabled remote support and VR training to 'carry' them through the pandemic? But not every use case in which an employee would benefit from receiving/accessing task-based information hands-free calls for a pair of expensive smart glasses and AR/VR devices can only do so much to protect workers from physical harm. That's where body- and wrist-worn wearables come in and, while not as glamorous as a mixed reality headset, discreet body-worn sensors have a big role to play in reducing the 340 million work-related accidents that occur annually around the globe. From tracking workers' movements around hazardous job sites to secure authentication via biometric wearables, what are the most valuable opportunities for wearables worn below the neck? Watch this video from EWTS 2020 featuring innovators from Con Edison, Spirit AeroSystems, CVG Airport and Triax Technologies to find out:

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