What makes an AR/VR device or app enterprise-grade?

Written BY

Emily Friedman

July 8, 2021

We’ve said it before, but the question is no longer ‘Should you invest in XR and/or wearables for your business?’ Even before the pandemic, the answer to that was 'yes,' though the need may not have been as immediate as post-Covid-19. So, what is the question? It’s ‘Which solution?,’ and a good place to start is by listening to the experts. In this panel discussion from EWTS 2020, innovators from GE, CBRE, Abbvie, Qualcomm and Immy share key considerations for choosing the right hardware and software for your use case, workforce and infrastructure. What is required of enterprise- / industrial-grade devices and platforms, especially from an ergonomic and UX point-of-view? Play the video to find out.

Image source: VentureBeat / Vuzix

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