When AR and AI Come Together for Your Business

Written BY

Emily Friedman

June 18, 2021

70% of companies identify knowledge loss as a critical issue.

80% of the global workforce doesn't sit behind a desk.

85.2 million worldwide worker shortage by 2030.

These might seem like disparate facts but they are, in fact, all related and, together, contributing to a kind of global reckoning in the industrial world.

The harsh reality is that organizations are losing people and, in turn, losing years of wisdom, expertise, talent, skills, workflows and systems. They're losing knowledge as experienced workers retire and struggling to upskill the next generation of workers fast enough.

Now, add to this the fact that a significant majority of the workforce is mobile and increasingly reliant on technology for the content, guidance, people and smart data they need to work efficiently and safely in industries impacted by factors like the growing skills gab and, most recently, a global pandemic. These workers need easy access to knowledge on the go.

But what if there were a comprehensive tech stack that could help companies capture, preserve, organize and transfer knowledge across global, multilingual workforces while also improving collaboration, increasing efficiency, boosting safety, and reducing costs? Enter: Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

You may think you know the benefits of AR in enterprise, but do you know what the combination of AR and AI could do for your business, for your workforce, for the next generation of workers? Find out on Wednesday, June 23 as end users from Raytheon, PwC's Global AI Lead, and Librestream's COO come together to discuss how combining these two disruptive technologies unleashes greater potential than either AR or AI on its own.

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Image source: Librestream

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