Dawn Bridges

Engineering Technology Strategist, Global Program Manager


Dawn Bridges has 25 years of experience in development, project management and implementation of technology environments for the design, construction and operation of large complex programs including public, federal and private projects. She has specialized experience in Global Project Management, Design Technology Strategy, Building Information Modeling, and Integrated Project Delivery.

Dawn has been directly responsible for the application of innovative technology solutions, combined with industry best practices for all facets of planning, design, construction, and operation. Focusing most recently on BIM from concept to construction, she is tasked with anticipating future and potential technologies and how they can be utilized globally to achieve: Improved Productivity and Quality Increased Speed of Delivery Commitment to Safety and Sustainability Although by day she is a technology strategist and global PM a hobby and passion is looking at disruptive technologies coming to the market in industries other than AEC.

She is particularly intrigued by the application of wearable technology with regards to wellness and health stemming from her earlier educational and professional path in the medical world. She is constantly looking for opportunities to apply technologies while ensuring that the mid to long term technology direction is flexible enough to adapt and adhere to our exponentially changing world and industry needs.

Dawn earned an AAS and BS degree for her first career, an Associates of Engineering Technology from exploring a new career and a Bachelor of Architecture from the Boston Architectural College settling in Design, and as always constantly learning!


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