Kathleen Deloughery

First Responder Group


Dr. Deloughery currently manages a number of research and development projects in a variety of social and behavioral science domains. As the lead for the Behavioral, Economic, and Social Science Engine (BESS-E) Dr. Deloughery analyzes the social and behavioral implications of new technologies, programs, and policies to support their research, implementation, and diffusion. BESS-E supports programs that are aligned to DHS S&T’s visionary goals. She also serves as Deputy Portfolio Manager for the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Portfolio at S&T, managing programs focusing on: evaluating local efforts to counter violent extremism, risk and crisis communications for first responders, developing a relational database of terrorism and extremist crime, and systematically collecting operational requirements from stakeholders.

Some other current programs include: systematic assessments of major TSA security programs; an evaluation of the use of Rapid DNA technology; and developing a nationally representative sampling frame of the first responder community. Dr. Deloughery received her PhD in Economics from The Ohio State University in 2009. Her Dissertation was entitled A Cross Country Analysis of Terrorism and Government Policies. Her MA in Economics was conferred in 2005, and BS in Economics was conferred with honors by the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2004. She also worked as an Assistant Professor of Public Administration and Policy at the University at Albany, SUNY from 2009 through 2015.


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