Murali Narasimman

Head of Technology – High Impact Digital Innovation and Strategy

GE Narasimman is the Head of Technology – High Impact Digital Innovation and Strategy at GE where he leads the Mobile, Web, Infrastructure, Architecture, Backend engineering, and QA. He is a global thought leader with the history of driving the innovation, business model restructuring, establishing the best practices & standards, delivering the strategic products & services much cheaper, faster & better, and generating a revenue to self-fund the technology programs. Proficient & confident in mixing the business and technology to solve a hard problem(s), with adept management of cultural and organizational diversity.

Best known for transforming the underperforming development organization into high performing team. Established the world-class Mobile CoE (Center of Excellence) team at GE, recognized by Apple as the #1 example of enterprise success. Prior to his current role at GE, he led the global mobile COE, search COE, web, analytics, global infrastructure for both internal/external web presence – GE.COM & InsideGE and held several leadership positions such as senior team leader, team leader, infrastructure leader, senior enterprise architect, program manager, and project manager. Prior to GE, he held a position as senior enterprise consultant & team leader at Fujitsu Consulting. (formerly Rapidigm), where he was responsible for architecting, designing, developing, and implementing eCommerce technology, network management system (NMS), element management system (EMS), manufacturing plant automation for Next Generation Vehicle(NGV) at its various clients such as Navistar,, Dorado Software in USA.

In addition, Murali held various technology research and development positions at international companies such as HCL, Bull Power, Ultratek, Megastar, and SquareD. Murali holds a CIO Pocket MBA from School of Management at Boston University, MA, and Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communications at Anna University, India.


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