Selene Parekh

Professor of Orthopedic Surgery


Dr. Parekh is known as the “Fantasy Doctor”—an orthopedic surgeon and foremost expert on sports injuries who’s fast becoming the go-to expert for the multibillion dollar fantasy sports industry. His data-driven insights and medical expertise make for powerfully accurate predictions of how anything from common sprains to devastating season-ending injuries will affect players’ careers and the success of millions of fantasy teams. Fantasy sports for Parekh is far more than a hobby: He authored and published two foundational research papers using Fantasy football data to track the epidemiology and outcomes of tendon and ligament ruptures in the NFL.

At his website, Dr. Parekh’s personal website is, you will find patient friendly animations and educational materials. Furthermore, his video and written blogs on orthopaedic injuries of high profile athletes can be found here. You can follow his blog on Twitter @seleneparekhmd.


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