Brock McKeel

Senior Director Central Operations – Customer Experience and Mobility


Brock began has been with Walmart since 2010, spending four years on the Sam’s Club Membership Operations team. Currently, Brock leads the Walmart Customer Experience Execution team. In this role, he delivers new technology to store associates and designs customer service programs that support our Clean, Fast and Friendly expectations in stores. In addition, he leads a team focused the future of innovative associate technology, including the use of virtual and augmented reality to better prepare store associates for the future of retail.

The use of virtual and augmented reality allows Walmart to train associates in situations that can’t be easily recreated on the sales floor – like an accident or holiday rush. This innovative approach allows Walmart to engage front-line associates in experiential training that better prepares them for the behaviors and expectations of the changing retail customer. Today, these kinds of technologies are becoming an integral part of Walmart’s training experience for frontline supervisors, department managers and assistant managers.