Graham Cunliffe

SVP, Business Affairs and Operations

Finger Foods

As a professional engineer, Graham Cunliffe (P.Eng) takes pride in finding elegant solutions to complex problems in both the business and technical realms. Graham has a wide range of experience including consulting, hardware design, innovation strategy, and energy management. As SVP, Business Affairs and Operations at Finger Food, Graham is part of the leadership team responsible for the company's strategy, growth, and operations. Graham leads a diverse team of passionate people who deliver outstanding creative and technical solutions for clients around the world. Prior to his position at Finger Food, Graham was the Managing Director of the IoT Design Shop, Finger Food’s internal engineering R&D division that develops smart and connected hardware solutions. From strategic planning to public speaking, internal communications to legal affairs, and team coaching to innovative problem solving, Graham brings enthusiasm, excellence, and humility to every aspect of his role and is a vital part of Finger Food’s leadership team. In his spare time, Graham enjoys baking, running, and playing with his two sons (sometimes all at the same time!).