Micah Wells

Global Mining and Metals Innovation and Technology Lead


Micah Wells is a Global Innovation Lead for Fluor’s Mining and Metals business line as well as an Automation Manager in Fluor’s Vancouver, BC office, responsible for IT support, 3D engineering and design, data and document management, and IT Project Management disciplines. Over the last 13 years, Micah’s career has taken him on projects throughout the world on a wide range of projects, including large scale government, logistics, nuclear, infrastructure, and mining efforts. His career started in IT and quickly moved into automation and IT Project Management roles. As part of his role as Innovation Lead for Mining and Metals globally, Micah is responsible for introducing AR concepts into engineering and construction, including visual instruction, collaboration, quality/inspection, and most importantly, safety, on construction sites. Micah is passionate about driving innovative ideas and tools to unleash his company’s true potential on global Mining projects. By helping employees move innovative concepts that benefit clients from concept to reality, he aims to create a culture that is more innovative, client-focused, and cost-conscious on Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, and Construction projects around the world.