Allison Yanites

Immersive Technology Lead


Allison Yanites is the Immersive Technology Lead at Arcadis, North America, where she collaborates with global leaders to advance immersive technology (AR/VR/MR) solutions that add value for owners across the life-cycle of their infrastructure, building, water, and environmental assets. These solutions include on-site AR design visualization, hands-free remote assistance, 360-degree virtual asset data models, mobile AR, and VR design visualization. Allison is focused on identifying and implementing immersive and wearable technologies to create intuitive and interactive experiences for project teams, owners, and stakeholders to improve communication, collaboration, understanding, and safety. In addition to immersive technology, she is a subject matter expert in the area of 3D data visualization. She has extensive experience creating 3D visualizations of complex data-sets. Her work with immersive technology for environmental restoration earned Arcadis an Environmental Business Journal Award for New Practice Area (Augmented Reality) in 2018. Allison has been at Arcadis for 8 years and holds a bachelor’s degree in geology from Hamilton College and a master’s degree in geosciences from the University of Arizona.