Brent Blum

AR/VR Capability Lead, North America


Brent is the Capability lead for Accenture’s Augmented and Virtual Reality (XR) practice. He is responsible for project delivery across a global network of XR delivery teams, maintaining strategic partner relationships and expanding Accenture’s XR business – specifically in the areas of Connected Worker and Immersive Learning. He founded the Accenture Wearable Technology Practice in 2013, which today serves dozens of Fortune 100 clients and maintains a Community of Practice of over 500 members. He led the development of a ground-breaking Google Glass medical Proof of Concept for Philips, co-authored a patent on Augmented Reality Safety Glasses and led the delivery of a production smart glasses deployment at one of the world’s largest oil & gas companies. His work within enterprise wearables has been recognizes by Forbes, CBS, CIO Magazine, the WSJ, NPR, TechCrunch and others. Prior to starting Accenture's Wearables Practice, Brent invented and marketed a life-saving smart watch for the elderly. He holds a degree in Management Information Systems from Wake Forest University.