Brian Laughlin

Technical Fellow, IT Architect, Mobile Solutions


Dr. Brian Laughlin is a Technical Fellow/ IT Architect, CAS/GS&S, serving as the Co-lead of the Enterprise Point of Use (PoU) Core Team, for Mobile, Wearables and Internet of Things. Brian is currently focused on the area of Wearable computing, Advanced Visualization, and strategic development and implementation of mobile technologies, both across Boeing, and with our customers and suppliers around the globe. A 28yr veteran in Aerospace, he draws from a diverse background: Sheet metal/Composites Mechanic, Process Engineering Analyst, Lean Coach, Teacher and Mentor, etc. He holds a Masters in Experimental and a Ph.D. in Human Factors Psychology. Also a prolific inventor, Brian has 47 Disclosures and patents and received many awards: 1 Tech Rep, 2 Special, 4 Meritorious and an Ed Wells Initiative, for a body of work that has saved Billions and created RevGen opportunities for Boeing and the Aerospace market, world-wide.