(Case Study) Using AR Technologies to Drive Innovation in Crop Science Data Collection

1:30 pm


1:55 pm


  • Using hand-held mobile devices to collect crop science field and greenhouse data is problematic from an end-user usability perspective
  • AR headsets and related technologies provide users with a significantly improved, hands-free experience
  • Speech-to-text (STT) was shown to be a highly reliable method of data entry
  • Visual confirmation of spoken words and data values provides real-time quality checking of data points
  • QR scanning capabilities can be used to quickly log critical workflow identifiers using AR headsets
  • Photos are easily captured by AR headsets, and can be verbally tagged using STT in order to reduce user curation
  • Robust workflow design allows AR solutions to be leveraged in multiple contexts: field and greenhouse data collection; inventory and warehouse applications
  • Presenters will discuss their experiences pitching for, and receiving corporate innovation funds, the benefits of conducting zero-budget, proof-of-concept experiments, and partnering with  internal agile development teams and key vendor collaborators