The Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS) is now The Augmented Enterprise Summit (AES) —
EWTS 2019 Woman with Oculus Rift at Circuit Stream booth
Access to Thousands of Enterprise Buyers Seeking XR and Wearable Solutions
Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities at EWTS 2021 look, feel, and deliver results like the real thing—except you don’t need to leave your computer to educate buyers about your products, demonstrate thought leadership, chat with attendees, and generate high-volume, targeted leads.

Partnering with EWTS 2021 allows you to reach the largest and most concentrated group of enterprise buyers specifically looking at immersive and wearable technology solutions like yours.

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Reach 1,500+ enterprise decision makers seeking wearable tech and XR solutions in every major sector, including important stakeholders unable to attend the in-person event in years past

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Raise brand awareness, enhance your credibility as a leader driving enterprise XR and wearables, and stay top-of-mind in front of real enterprise buyers

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Showcase your products and educate buyers through a variety of content offerings and live interaction tools

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Generate an unrivaled number of leads and real buyer interest through cross-platform promotional opportunities and intelligent filters

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Be More than a logo on a website. Develop relationships with real end users through powerful real-time communication tools


Educate visitors about your offerings, engage with buyers in real time, and generate new leads through rich exhibitor profiles at EWTS 2021

  • Live Expo Interaction: Talk with attendees in real time during dedicated expo hours on the four main conference days
  • Communication & Interaction Tools: Real-time chat via text, audio and video, including private (1:1) and group (1: Many), plus an individual activity feed for company announcements, hosting giveaways, etc.
  • Live Video Demos: Host live, scheduled product demonstrations viewable only from your booth, with option to record
  • Meetings, Messaging & Contact Exchange: Schedule meetings and allow attendees to book appointments with you, plus attendee-exhibitor direct messaging and instant contact info exchange
  • Downloadable/Viewable Content: In addition to a featured demo video, exhibitors can provide a wide range of digital collateral like files (blog posts, brochures, case studies, FAQs, white papers, technical documentation, PDFs, etc.) and videos (promotional, presentations, training, etc.) Visitors can add any of the above to their Digital Briefcase.
  • Product Showcase: Create your own online store with product images, description and pricing

    Leads/Data Capture: Lead management tools let you know who is visiting your booth and checking out your materials, with option to export this data


Increase your visibility, amplify your message, and align your organization/product within the enterprise XR market at EWTS 2021

  • Sidebar Ad Sponsorship
  • Marquee (Top) Banner Sponsorship
  • Pinned Message Sponsorship
  • Video Commercial Sponsorship

    Sponsored Push Notification

  • Digital Briefcase Sponsorship
  • Discussion Forum Sponsorship
  • Leaderboard Sponsorship

    Photo Booth Sponsorship


Educate the market about your products and services, be regarded as a thought leader, and position yourself above the competition by speaking at EWTS 2021

  • Solo Presentations: Keynote, Main Stage Solo, Track Solo
  • Panel Presentations: Main Stage or Track
  • Conference Chair/Host and Moderator Roles
  • Alternate-day Presentations


Download the EWTS 2021 Sponsorship/Exhibition Prospectus or reach out to our sponsorship team directly.

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