How can AR/VR and Wearables Drive ROI for Your Business?
Consisting of real-world case studies and expert-led group discussions, EWTS is where enterprises go to hear insights into the best practices for evaluating, adopting, and implementing AR, VR, and wearables in the workplace.


If you are an enterprise at the beginning stages of exploring the potential for AR/VR/wearables to transform your business
You are an enterprise already exploring applications for AR/VR/wearables and looking to advance projects and deployments
you need to attend EWTS, your best opportunity to equip yourself and your business with the necessary knowledge, ideas, and connections for success.



Enterprise Presenters

Learn from the leading practitioners successfully using AR/VR/MR and wearables in their business today.


Exhibitors & Sponsors

With the largest targeted expo for enterprise smart glasses, VR/MR headsets, body wearables and exoskeletons, EWTS is your best opportunity to get hands-on with solutions.


Sessions & Case Studies

Explore the most comprehensive educational program related to the use of AR/VR/MR and wearables in enterprise including industry-focused talks and application sessions.


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Learn strategic insights, “how-to” tips, and best-practice advice for enterprise AR/VR and wearables from those successfully leveraging the technology today.

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Connect with those driving AR/VR and wearables in the enterprise, including leading practitioners from every sector, the top solution providers servicing the market, along with key analysts and investors —all in one place, at one time.

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Try out (or put on) the top enterprise hardware and software solutions ready for deployment today. Demo a range of smart glasses, headsets, body wearables and exoskeletons, plus the mature platforms powering these devices first-hand.

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Participate in the discussion and learning by sharing your experience and ideas. Tap into the collective knowledge of the room by conversing and brainstorming as a group to address common challenges and objectives.


Access cutting-edge educational content, including session videos and presentation slides, exclusive conference-only white papers and reports, and other resources strictly available to the EWTS community.

“EWTS for me is the most important event of the year because this is where I get to establish relationships with real people doing real work in the industry”
- Global It Portfolio Manager | H.B. Fuller

“It’s a great place to network, and to kind of find solutions to those nagging problems that your company may have working in the background.”
- OS Human Factors Engineer | John Deere

“… it's a wonderful conference because it's really just focused on the business side of things, so it’s all about Return on Investment, case studies. It’s not [going to] get tied up on things that are fun like entertainment and gaming but if you’re professionally using this technology, this is the place you come to find action steps.
- Regional Creative Media Leader | Gensler 

“… it’s a great opportunity to network, to have the opportunity to talk to other people and really understand what we need in order to provide this type of technology to our people.”

- Safety, Health and Ergonomics Specialist | Toyota 

“I love EWTS. This is one of my favorite events to come to. It’s because I get to hear other people, other companies, and the things they are trying to implement and not just the successes. You hear the failures, the things that didn’t work, and you hear more importantly why they didn’t work.”
- Technology Architect | ExxonMobil 

“The highlight of EWTS is just meeting all the awesome people. Walmart comes out here to meet and see all the new technology that’s coming, really connect and network, so really just getting out there, learning about the new technology and seeing how we can all help each other has been really awesome.”
- Project Analyst II, Strategy and Innovation | Walmart 


Remote Assistance/Guided Work Instructions

Design &


Marketing &


Exoskeletons, Smartwatches, & biometrics



  • What is an appropriate use case for your business?
  • What technical and organizational challenges, including security and privacy, should you consider?
  • How do you set up a pilot, determine KPIs, measure ROI, and avoid pilot purgatory?
  • How do you create content or gain insight from the generated data?
  • How do you ensure the solution is sustainable and scale up?
  • How do you tie in additional emerging technologies to unlock even more value?


You need to attend EWTS, your best opportunity to equip yourself and your business with the necessary knowledge, ideas, and connections for success.

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