(Case Study) Reimagining our Mind Set, Skill Set and Tool Set to deliver simpler, faster and bolder solutions: Clorox's Digital Journey

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Have you ever dreamed of walking around a plant floor from the comfort of your home? Find out how to make your dreams come true.

Clorox started part of its digital journey at the 2018 EWTS conference. Sr. Leaders from Manufacturing, Engineering and Continuous Improvement attended and after the meeting created a plan to get two specific use cases up and going. By December a discovery team had selected tools to pilot and a workshop was conducted with four manufacturing facilities participating. Subsequent workshops were held in February, April and May. During the workshops, it became clear that having the right mind set and skill set in a participant was a good predictor of how fast the facility adopted the new technology. In a couple of cases the mind set trumped the skill set, meaning, if someone had the right passion, they could develop or leverage others for the skills. For our remote support use case, Covid-19 provided a burning platform for the adoption. Since we had the foundation in place, leveraging it for a 450% increase in usage was virtually a non-event. When we looked back the covid-19 had an impact on mind set. No longer did we have end users wanting to delay the pain of the start-up curve. They needed the technology to survive. With work instruction, the benefits have been many with reduced effort, paperwork, faster decisions and improved visibility to data. All in all, if you want to successfully launch technology, ensure you have the right mind set, skill set and tool set.