(Case Study) Design & Visualization | AEC BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION IN THE ERA OF AR/VR - Embedding XR in enterprise

10:30 am


10:55 am


Architecture, engineering and construction industry companies have essentially operated under the same organizational models for decades. Emerging technology, if harnessed correctly, can potentially disrupt traditional methodologies by fostering new processes, redefining business models, and influencing organizational structures. Building industry professional such as, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Owners and Operators must embrace technological fluidity if they aspire to remain relevant and competitive. Still, the analog-to-digital wave of the past decades has been superficial in many ways. The pace of development of new technologies that impact AEC industries is increasingly rapid and diverse. Innovations from construction, robotics, software, mathematics among other industries can both support and supplant traditional construction roles. However, with the increasing mention of technologies such as Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, how do we distinguish function from fantasy? This session invites participants to engage in a discussion on how they may impact design & construction businesses in the near future, and where their trajectories may be leading us in terms of use cases.


Hear how BASF/MBCC-Group sees the potential of VR & AR to provide new innovative business models to support customer needs.
Learn why a business-case approach is crucial to securing ongoing investment and buy-in from across the business
Get insights on how to identify the right opportunity to ensure relevancy and proof of concept.
Find out how to approach XR integration by effectively picking the right teams and external partners.