(Group Discussion) Industrial Exoskeletons: Combining the Power of Robots with Human Intelligence and Adaptability

10:50 am


11:45 am


Industrial exoskeletons have the potential to protect workers by reducing the stress of physically demanding and repetitive tasks, allowing them to be more productive with less discomfort, fatigue and risk of injury. In this session, enterprise experts discuss how and why they’re looking at exoskeleton technology. 

  • Types of exoskeletons and exosuits (unpowered/passive, powered)
  • When to insert an exoskeleton vs. replacing the worker with a robot 
  • Ergonomic/human factors: Different body types, time to put on/take off the device, sharing devices, etc.  
  • Short- and long-term impacts of exos on users’ natural abilities, performance and health
  • How to introduce exoskeleton tech to the workforce
  • Is there real ROI today?
  • Industry standards for wearable robotics