(Case Study) Remote Assistance & Guided Work Instructions | Future-proofing your Enterprise AR/VR Deployment with a Platform-based, End-to-End Solution

10:30 am


10:55 am


Over the past few years, enterprises have heard plenty regarding the benefits of AR/VR helping address critical business needs: providing remote assistance to field/factory workers in a hands-free way, onboarding and training new employees more efficiently, savings costs by reducing rework using better work instruction tools, …etc. Especially today, in this post-COVID world we find ourselves in, enterprises need little convincing of the value proposition of AR/VR. Now, as enterprises look to take the next step, they have new concerns: How do you navigate the fragmentation of AR/VR devices and solutions? How do you future-proof your deployment? How do you take a good POC solution/application and scale it up to an enterprise-level, including system integrations? In this session, we’ll dive into Lenovo’s platform-based, end-to-end solution called ThinkReality that tackles these challenges head-on.