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(Case Study) Operator Training with AR - How Medtronic reduces Onboarding by 50%

10:30 am


10:55 am


Join Peter Tortorici (Medtronic) and Dirk Schart (RE’FLEKT) to learn how Medtronic is using Augmented Reality (AR) Training Guides to reduce onboarding times by 50%.They will deep dive into the operator onboarding with the example of the EPIX use case to show you exactly how the switch to AR Training guides transformed the way they work in their facilities.What’s more, they will give you the full understanding of how Medtronic made it to their scaled rollout – all the way from the initial problem and project planning, to pilot, and then full deployment as well as the results they are now seeing.Here's what we will talk about:

• Medtronic Use case – Why were AR Training Guides deployed?
• Daily Usage – See what the Medtronic AR Training Guides look like and how operators use them in a normal day
• Benefits – What results are the facilities seeing after implementing AR Training Guides
• Deployment - How easy is it to plan, implement, deploy and use AR Training Guides?