The Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS) is now The Augmented Enterprise Summit (AES) —
How Can AR/VR and Wearables Drive ROI for Your Business?
Consisting of real-world case studies and expert-led group discussions, EWTS 2021 is where enterprises go to hear insights into the best practices for evaluating, adopting, and implementing AR/VR/MR (XR) and wearables in the workplace.


Leading enterprise decision makers already using AR/VR and wearables as well as representatives of those businesses seeking a clearer understanding of the current capabilities and limitations of AR/VR/MR (XR) and wearables in the workplace.

Meet thought leaders approaching the technology from a multitude of angles, including:

Chief Information Officer
Chief Strategy Officer
Chief Innovation Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Digital Officer
Data, Analytics, 3D, and BIM Leaders
Learning & Development / HR Specialists
Senior Leader of Digital & Technology
Senior Leader of EHS (Health & Safety)
Senior Leader of Training
Senior Leader of Process Improvement
Senior IT Leader
Senior Leader in Operations
Systems Manager


Enterprises attend EWTS for actionable takeaways related to the use of AR/VR/MR (XR) and wearables in business and industrial environments. EWTS speakers share real stories of what worked, what didn’t, and what to consider when evaluating, piloting, integrating and scaling immersive and wearable technologies at work.

  • How to choose a use case, partner or vendor, and solution
  • How to get funding, work with IT, legal and others, source/create content, and introduce the tech to workers
  • How to set up a pilot, determine KPIs, and measure ROI
  • How to overcome technical and organizational/cultural challenges (change management)
  • How to effectively and securely gain insight from wearable-generated data
  • How to scale AR/VR and wearable tech projects across the business


XR & the Age of Remote Work: Remote support, collaboration, design, training, sales and more
How XR and wearables fit into the enterprise technology ecosystem, plus interoperability with legacy systems
Hardware: Human-centered design and ergonomic factors
Sourcing and generating digital and 3D content for immersive/wearable applications
Privacy & Security: Device management and cyber defense best practices
Connected Workplace: IIoT, Automation, Digital Twins, AI, 5G and related technologies
Body-worn, wrist-worn, and industrial exoskeleton opportunities (wearable EHS applications)
Analytics: Capturing knowledge and data, and turning wearable data into actions
Post-Covid-19 strategies for XR and wearables


practical and strategic insights, how-to's and best practices from the very innovators seeing ROI from XR and wearables today.
with those driving XR and wearables in the workplace, including leading practitioners from every sector and experienced solution providers, along with key analysts and consultants —all on one platform, at one time.
the top hardware and software solutions being deployed in real enterprise environments. Meet with solution providers and demo a range of mature and cutting-edge devices and platforms.
in the discussion and learning by sharing your experience, concerns, and ideas. Tap into the collective knowledge of the room by conversing and brainstorming as a group to address common challenges and objectives.
the most up-to-date educational content, including session videos and presentation slides, exclusive white papers and reports, and other resources available strictly to EWTS 2021 attendees.


Enterprise Presenters

Learn from the leading practitioners successfully using AR/VR/MR and wearables in their business today.


Exhibitors & Sponsors

Experience the largest targeted expo for enterprise smart glasses, VR/MR headsets, body wearables and exoskeletons, and find solutions ready to be deployed in your organization today.


Sessions & Case Studies

Explore the most comprehensive educational program related to the use of AR/VR/MR and wearables in enterprise including industry-focused talks, application sessions, and leadership strategy discussions.

several end users try on the Thirdeye X2 mixed reality glasses at EWTS 2019Panel group discussion during the manufacturing and wearables sessionAttendee tries on an exoskeleton on the exhibition floor of the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summita sponsor and an end user shake hands after conversing about the technology


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Learn strategic insights, “how-to” tips, and best-practice advice for enterprise AR/VR and wearables from those successfully leveraging the technology today.

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Connect with those driving AR/VR and wearables in the enterprise, including leading practitioners from every sector, the top solution providers servicing the market, along with key analysts and investors —all on one platform, at one time.

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Discover the top enterprise hardware and software solutions ready for deployment today. Watch live demos for a range of smart glasses, headsets, body wearables and exoskeletons, plus the mature platforms powering these devices first-hand.

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Participate in the discussion and learning by sharing your experience and ideas. Tap into the collective knowledge of the room by conversing and brainstorming as a group to address common challenges and objectives.


Access cutting-edge educational content, including session videos and presentation slides, exclusive conference-only white papers and reports, and other resources strictly available to EWTS Everywhere attendees.

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“Our team really valued ConnectworX's ability to create an engaging online event for both attendees and vendors. I would recommend it in a heartbeat for anyone hosting a virtual conference.”- Founder, Circuit Stream (Sponsor)

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“The platform was awesome and great interaction. It was so easy to navigate and understand. The platform kept me engaged the entire duration of the conference. You guys have set the standard for both in person and virtual conference for sure!!”- Safety & Ergonomic Analyst, Toyota (Attendee)

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"The interface was very intuitive, and I liked how the current topic video was always playing in the background. Very easy to tie in or cut out at my leisure."
- Exercise Systems Engineer, NASA (Attendee)

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“I wanted to congratulate the BrainXchange team for the great online platform you created for EWTS everywhere. It’s the best I have seen so far. Well done!”

- Director Marketing & Communications, AMA (Sponsor)

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“During a time when online conference platforms are struggling to meet increased demands, ConnectworX stands out as the new standard. Congratulations on a terrific platform that was intuitive, organized and helpful!”- VR/AR Product Lead at WestRock Company (Presenter)

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- Global Head of Talent & Learning Technology, Aggreko (Presenter)


If you want to learn how enterprises are leveraging AR, VR, and wearables to improve operations and workflows, safety, training, customer service and more, there is no other event as relevant or focused as EWTS 2021


You need to attend EWTS Everywhere, your best opportunity to equip yourself and your business with the necessary knowledge, ideas, and connections for success.

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