(Case Study) It’s Time - Driving Viral Adoption!


The wearable space is evolving rapidly, even as it just gains traction in the enterprise.  Devices, features and OS capabilities all spur the imagination, but the rules haven’t really changed – without support for rapid deployment of high value use cases, a broad ecosystem and a rich experience, most use cases are academic exercises not real value add, ultimately slowing broad adoption.  No use case is more pragmatic and broad than assisting those with physical challenges, allowing them to function more effectively in society, even returning them to the workforce.  Hear how the tech is not eliminating jobs, but in fact returning Wounded Warriors to the workplace, while improving their ability to rejoin their community.  But could this use case be the one that drives viral adoption of wearables in the enterprise?  With device resident image recognition, barcode capability, voice interaction and audio prompts, language translation – you can even tell if your manager is ticked off as they approach you – this use case demonstrates tools that are directly and immediately applicable to a wide variety of enterprise use cases in manufacturing, warehouses and field service. Best part is that these capabilities are being delivered to Wounded Warriors today, out of the box.