(Case Study) Perfect Storm: The Convergence Of IoT And Wearables In Construction At The Dawn Of The Smart Jobsite


Construction is still one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, with job sites being complex networks of people, equipment, and activity that are dangerous and ever changing. With continued pressure to drive more value to clients, how do project teams use technology to improve productivity while maintaining safe working conditions? Skanska sought to answer this question and is researching and piloting an Internet of Things (IoT)-based technology called real-time location systems (RTLS) to dynamically track people and assets in order to make our job sites smarter, safer, and more productive. Taking it one step further, they are exploring how dynamic world of wearables is converging with immersive reality and RTLS to better understand the individual experience of a construction worker to predict and prevent potential safety incidents. This presentation will focus on how wearables, IoT, sensing devices, virtual reality and RTLS can enhance environmental awareness and real-time visibility of worker’s safety and productivity on active job sites, as well as into operations. Skanska will explore the tools in action on real projects, along with benefits, challenges, and lessons learned.