(Case Study) The Connected Jobsite


The world is becoming more connected every day. The “Internet of things” has infiltrated our personal lives significantly over the last few years and continues to advance forward. From summoning a vehicle with our phone to controlling a thermostat with machine learning, our personal lives are more connected than ever before. Come see how this future is also coming to life on construction sites. Come see how a construction Superintendent can conduct their jobsite Orchestra all from a mobile device into reality. Come experience the connected jobsite.

Key Takeaways:

1) Introduction to the integration of map-based project information and visualization.

2) Understanding the power of having all of your design information in geolocated map layers.

3) Observe a leaner and more efficient process to manage a project.

4) Familiarize with various geolocated applications and hardware integrations.

5) Identify the insights of the future connected jobsite that will soon be available.