(Group Discussion) Hardware Considerations


Human-centered design and ergonomics factors greatly impact an enterprise’s ability to quickly, successfully and safely implement wearables. These considerations help to ensure workforce engagement and expedite the change management necessary for wearable adoption. In this group discussion, leading experts and end users provide insight into what we require from enterprise-grade wearables and the key ergonomic design factors you need to be aware of.

  • What makes for an enterprise-grade wearable device? (Device features, industry regulations, etc.)
  • Importance of human-centered design and key hardware requirements
  • Ergonomics – Form Factor – Comfort
  • Durability – Reliability – Safety
  • Transferability – Hygiene – Health Risks
  • Cost – Maintenance – Mobile Device Management
  • Battery Life – Wireless Charging – Network Connectivity
  • Off-the-shelf (OTS) or customized devices?
  • Multi-functioning or task-specific?