(Group Discussion) Industry 4.0 And The Connected Workforce


From video, still image and audio recordings to location-based information, machine and environmental data, and (human) biometrics, wearables have the potential to generate and transmit loads of valuable data for the enterprise. In this group discussion, enterprises consider how wearable and other sensor data can be intelligently analyzed to enhance business processes. In addition to addressing the challenges of data collection, storage and analysis; the panel will take a broader look at how wearable technology relates to other IoT technologies including drones, M2M, etc. to create a truly connected workplace.  

  • What role will wearable tech play in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
  • Challenges of and best practices for
  • Data collection, management and storage
  • Data accuracy and consistency
  • (Real-time) data analytics
  • Data security
  • Data overload: Organizing, interpreting, and conveying relevant data (identifying the most pertinent, critical and actionable information)
  • Applying business analytics to wearable tech: Examples of how data from wearables can be analyzed to optimize operations, enhance the workplace, and empower/protect the workforce
  • Advice for enterprise decision makers looking to leverage wearable data to achieve operational excellence through process improvement
  • Planning an IoT project incorporating wearables
  • Planning for a fully connected workplace of the (near) future: Creating an ecosystem of connected devices and technologies