(Group Discussion) Is My Organization Ready For Wearables? Are Wearables Ready For My Organization?


“What are the steps I need to take to effectively (and profitably) use wearables in my business?” In this group discussion, leading enterprises discuss how to go about evaluating, piloting, and successfully implementing wearable tech in the workplace, including essential first steps; partnering with the right people; strategies for change management and engaging the workforce; the role of IT; and launching a successful pilot program.

  • What’s the best way to get started? Key steps, timelines and strategies for ensuring successful adoption
  • Setting up POCs, determining KPIs, and delivering ROI
  • Considerations for introducing wearables into your workforce: Buy-in from management, employee engagement, IT, data analytics, and security
  • Choosing the right vendors: Understanding the difference between a partner and a supplier
  • Challenges encountered and lessons learned
  • Moving ahead: How to go from a pilot to larger-scale rollout