(Case Study) EQ for XR: Helping Creative & Merchandising Teams Adopt 3D (Walmart)

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Augmented Enterprise Summit 2022


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Introducing a new technology into an organization is always a challenge- funding it, building it and operationalizing it, even more so. This is especially true when the perception is that it could make existing skillsets obsolete.

The creation of 3D content involves new work streams and new stakeholders, but the aesthetic sensibilities and consumer insights needed to engage customers remain unchanged. The impact of curation and storytelling will never fall away. We need the talent we have today- most of whom have never leveraged 3D assets in their work.

Emotional intelligence has a place on your technology roadmap. It’s a big LOE, of course, but baking it in means you’ll spend a lot less time dragging colleagues into the future kicking and screaming. (Not literally, of course.)

The process is rooted in this basic truth; We need one another.

From the 2022 Augmented Enterprise Summit.

Speaker: Cynthia Maller, Head of 3D Creative Technology, Walmart

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