(Case Study) From Greenhouse to Field: How the MS HoloLens & Iristick AR Technologies Are Delivering Innovation & ROI in the Global Ag Industry

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Augmented Enterprise Summit 2022


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Our roles as Product Experience Researchers provide us with unique opportunities to gain technology insights across our entire enterprise. In recent years, we’ve recognized and successfully implemented AR solutions that are favorably impacting workflow efficiency, productivity, flexibility, competitive advantage, and ultimately, ROI.

In this talk from Augmented Enterprise 2022, we share our experiences:

--Selecting research methods used to identify high candidate AR use cases

--Algining fit and form factor requirements of commercially available AR products with the needs of our end users

--Securing innovation funding for POC initiatives

--Rapid solution prototyping, testing/evaluation, and software development

--Business unit adoption, funding & solution advancement

--Overcoming threats and obstacles

Speakers: Carrie Roy, Sr UX Researcher, Bayer and Michael Calviillo, Senior Product Designer, Bayer

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