(Case Study) Global Remote Support & Electronic Work Instructions for Training Production Floor Associates

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Augmented Enterprise Summit 2022


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The world has been hit with pandemic; global travel has halted. What was done to overcome such uncertainties? Augmented Reality remote support on the other side of the world? Exactly what our team did to mitigate some challenges in training operators on new tools. Additionally, second phase of the project involved the creation of interactive dual language digital work instructions to guide users on the pressure casting process, especially, targeting towards new hires. Some important outcomes from such implementations:

--Hurdles to overcome to get approval from IT to implement

--Labor laws to keep in mind in other parts of the world

--Infrastructure needed at the manufacturing plant where the end user is located

--Usability training needed for the end user

--Aligning the technology with stakeholders such as operators, supervisors, etc.

--Gathering the correct data (pictures and videos) for Electronic Work Instructions

--Developing Electronic Work Instructions with TeamViewer

From the 2022 Augmented Enterprise Summit

Speaker: Arafat Mahabub, Project Engineer - Automation, Kohler

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