(Case Study) Using Augmented Reality to Help Drive Operator Efficiency

Video Source:
Augmented Enterprise Summit 2022


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Digital solutions continue to transform industries as smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and digital transformation bring an array of new technologies into the workplace. Innovative technologies such as augmented reality have become an essential part of the operating framework for many Industrial manufacturers.

Immersive augmented reality instructions maximize productivity and reduce operator training requirements. AR technology allows new hires to get up-to-speed quickly and virtually eliminates the need for re-training.

Using augmented reality to demonstrate how a procedure is supposed to be completed is a game changer. It lets employees focus on the task at hand and understand the exact way it needs to be done. This improves accuracy, uptime, and throughput.

Augmented reality training and work instructions allows new users to quickly access operator instructions when needed while also allowing experienced users to refresh themselves on pertinent information.

As the world moves forward with digital integration – augmented reality is a powerful force for empowering frontline employees and customers with a safer and more engaged user experience.

Watch this session from Augmented Enterprise 2022 to understand how one industrial manufacturer is leveraging Vuforia Augmented Reality Solutions to:

--Reduce risk and increase efficiency

--Improve user safety and engagement

--Drive business sustainability

Speaker: Dan Hitomi, Sr. Director, Product (Vuforia Chalk), PTC

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