Group Discussion: Industry 4.0 and the Connected Workforce | EWTS 2017

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EWTS Fall 2017


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David Nedohin
Scott Aldridge
Sam Murley
Victor Oh
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Led by David Nedohin of Scope AR, speakers from CDM Smith, GE, Monsanto and BASF tackle the daunting topic of Industry 4.0 and the connected workforce, touching on IoT as well as big data, data analytics and data security. Some interesting use cases mentioned include harnessing MR and IoT to better design and operate building infrastructure; and rigging tractors with sensors during harvesting to make predictive recommendations to customers. A helpful tip for addressing privacy concerns is to work with compliance and legal teams early on, discussing the intent of collecting the data, whether to anonymize the data and when to do so, etc.

Speakers from:
Scope AR, CDM Smith, GE, Monsanto and BASF