Group Discussion: Software Considerations in Wearables | EWTS 2018

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EWTS 2018


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Graham Cunliffe
Jeff Lind
Chris Grubbs
Steven Lewis
Peggy Wu
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Finger Food Studios’ Graham Cunliffe leads a panel discussing the current state of the enterprise wearable market and the challenges of deploying business-ready wearable applications. Graham is joined by Caterpillar’s Jeff Lind, Southwest Airlines’ Chris Grubbs, Walmart’s Steven Lewis and United Technologies’ Peggy Wu. They discuss the considerations that help an organization determine appropriate software solutions. Common pain points include the scalability and portability of solutions across devices and the relative lack of off-the-shelf solutions. The panelists guide us through resolving functionality gaps for end users, the difficulties of establishing and navigating software partnerships with vendors, and the handling of data within the enterprise for seamless integration across digital platforms.

Speakers from:
Finger Food Studios, Caterpillar, Southwest Airlines, Walmart, and United Technologies