How 3 Companies Integrated LogistiVIEW Without Modifications to Their Legacy Systems | EWTS 2019

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EWTS 2019


Seth Patin
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Seth Patin | CEO and Founder | LogistiVIEW

-Learn how an apparel retailer, medical device manufacturer, and dental supplies distributor each used different strategies to rapidly integrate LogistiVIEW into their existing systems.
-Find out how AR-based operations can achieve value and revamp processes – without requiring information systems to track new data.
-Discover how these 3 avoided the headaches of lengthy integration, or delayed time to value with AR – some going live in less than 90 days.
-Find out the unexpected ways that LogistiVIEW enabled each to rework their process (not their systems), applying multimodal instruction with AR graphics, voice, and text.

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