Leveraging AR/VR & Wearables | EWTS 2019

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EWTS 2019


Chris Dockery
Janelle Haines
William Harding
Luke Moseley
Andreas Oeder
Russell Fadel
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Russ Fadel | CEO & Co-Founder | Augmentir

Chris Dockery | Ergonomics Specialist | BMW
Janelle Haines | Ergonomic Analyst – Biomedical Engineer | John Deere
William Harding | Distinguished Technical Fellow | Medtronic
Luke Moseley | Senior Staff Engineer – NPI Manufacturing, | Kohler Co.
Andreas Oeder | Digital Capability Leader | Airbus

Leading Manufacturing experts discuss how they’re leveraging AR/VR & wearables to:

-Increase plant efficiency, productivity, and safety
-Reduce downtime and improve quality
-Provide step-by-step instructions, digital content overlays, and remote help
-Improve employee training and retention

Speakers from:
Augmentir, BMW, John Deere, Medtronic, Kohler Co., Airbus